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City Speakeasy’s in-person foreign language classes in NYC and Raleigh will have you speaking French like a native in 8 weeks! Social learning techniques make it easy, intuitive, and just plain fun (it’s not wrong to enjoy the process). Every course includes an immersion event, where you’ll practice language skills while exploring the sights, tastes and sounds of your city.

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(About $43/class)
Price includes
(About $43/class)
Price includes
(About $43/class)
Price includes
  • "By the time I landed in Paris, I had already practiced speaking French in these social situations..."
    Gabriella N.
    "My second week, and I loveee it! Gregory makes learning French easy, fun, and most importantly, comfortable..."
    Massiel G.
    "Not only did he get me prepared to sit down and negotiate with clients in Paris, but he made it fun and exciting!..."
    Matty T.

    We believe that learning conversational French isn’t about memorizing phrases, but immersing in the language and culture.

    French immersion program for adults

    Conversational French Classes

    Are you dying to learn a second language? Maybe you want to impress an overseas business client with your conversational skills. Or, perhaps you’re just planning a trip to Paris and want to know enough of the language to get around town?

    No matter the reason, City Speakeasy can make this a reality with our conversational French classes! We offer fun and unique French language courses for all levels. Each one of our conversational French language classes is taught by award-winning teachers, native speakers, and (of course) talented linguists. Also included is an immersion event on the town with your class and instructor.

    Why our students love our conversational French language courses!

    • Ambitious fellow students excited about travel and culture
    • Comprehensive, approachable coursework
    • Real-world practice through fun immersion events
    • Award-winning, native-speaking teachers

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