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Whether you’re planning a trip to Moscow or just want to read some Dostoyevsky, we have fun and immersive Russian language courses!

Russian immersion program for adults

Russian language courses

Whether you’re planning a trip abroad, preparing for a new job, or brushing up on conversational skills, we make it fun and easy to learn Russian. City Speakeasy Russian language classes are great for beginners as well as more advanced speakers.

Unlike many traditional foreign language classes, our 8-week Russian language classes include an out-of-class immersion event designed to give you real-world experience speaking the language in a fun and engaging social setting. This may include a wine tasting, a cooking class, or a night out at a bar or restaurant.

Why our students love our Russian language classes!

  • Ambitious fellow students excited about travel and culture
  • Comprehensive, approachable coursework
  • Real-world practice through fun immersion events
  • Award-winning, native-speaking teachers

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