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About Teacher

Marhaba Everyone,

My name is Ahmed, excited to teach here but before we start let me tell you a bit about myself. My passion for teaching comes from a lifelong love of learning and exploring. I grew up in Alexandria, Egypt and attended college at Alexandria University, where I studied Law and International Relations.

I am passionate about many things, I like art, music, cultures, and travels makes me happy. I consider myself lucky to travel to many countries through my work for an airline. I was able to explore different languages and cultures. I believe to really understand a language you need to actively learn about the culture, history, and art. Communicating to people was a key throughout my trips, with people you learn something new every day.

I'm a native Arabic speaker and Egyptian dialect is my mother tongue. I'm also familiar with many other Arabic dialects. I see the beauty of all languages and the special beauty of the Arabic language for its calligraphic art.

I worked for the Arabic Overseas Flagship Program at Alexandria University, The American Councils for International Education program held at (TAFL) Center for Teaching Arabic as a foreign language at Alexandria University.

My teaching style is communicative and participatory, I developed lessons depending on the needs of my students and their listening, reading, writing or speaking skills.

I hope one day after classes you remember me and you would say "Oh! Everything right now makes perfect sense to me! I don't really have to try to understand anyone anymore - I just get it."


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