• New York, USA
  • Dancings, cooking, eating, ice cream
  • I love singing and dancing , but I am bad at both. I’m taking a Salsa class now to help with the latter, but I think I am a lost cause for singing. In college and high school, I did theater and improv and I’m hoping to get back into the performing arts now that I live in New York.
  • Coffee

About Teacher

Helping people overcome language barriers is my passion and teaching is a huge part of that. I have been working education for over 5 years and teaching language for 3. I just got my Master’s in teaching English and Spanish. I worked for several years using Spanish professionally and I am particularly interested in how language teaching can be geared toward specialized language. For example, I am interested in helping students learn Spanish for the medical field or business. I lived in Spain for two years, but I love learning and teaching all varieties of Spanish.


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