• New York, ITA
  • People and teaching italian as a foreign language.
  • Sports (soccer, American football), travel, photography, food, reading, meditation. Love music and play/study the drums.
  • Any kind of discrimination

About Teacher

My name is Danilo Secchiaroli and I was born and raised in Rome, Italy. I am a trained and certified Italian as a second language teacher by the University of Siena, Italian Department of Education and the Dilit International House, one of the first and most prestigious Italian language schools in Italy today. I recently moved from Philadelphia, where I was an instructor of Italian at Holy Family University, to New York, where my wife accepted a position at Hunter College. My personal style of teaching is based on the Communicative Method and brings enthusiasm, cultural elements, and technology into the classroom to increase learning motivation. All the activities, including role-plays and original articles and conversations, presented in class are designed to help my students to improve their listening, speaking and reading skills, with a “touch” of the Italian culture (and what about grammar? The grammar just a little. YES, you got it. I believe we don’t need to know grammar well to speak a foreign language. For me grammar it’s just a tool to become self-sufficient and improve our critical thinking.) My basic rules: RELAX and “NO PERFEZIONE”. Yes, we don’t need to be PERFECT to begin to speak Italian. I also tailor my lessons to the needs and levels of my students through guided discovering learning methods and integrated teaching methods.... Oh, one more rule, Enjoy and Explore. Hope to see you in class Danilo


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