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I've been teaching my beautiful language for over 18 years and nothing makes me happier to see my student come back from a vacation in Italia telling me how easy it was to communicate and how that made their experience so much more enjoyable! I've been teaching all ages and for all different reasons, some people want to reconnect with their roots, others need to learn Italian for matter what, I bring a very unique and very effective way to learn the language. Doesn't matter if you never spoken before (you'll be speaking with me at the end of our first session) of if you're fluent and want to keep practicing (I will help you with new vocabulary and idioms).
My sessions are fun because I believe the best way to learn something new is if you're truly enjoying it! I was born and raised in Italy and I have no regional accent because I'm also an actress and I've studied speech for many years, so my diction is very clear and it will be very easy for you to have a beautiful conversation with me!
I will be sure to improve your pronunciation as well as your grammar and vocabulary.
I've been teaching for Rosetta Stone as well for over 7 years and independently for over 18 years. I promise to make it fun (yes even grammar!) and I incorporate medias such as videos, songs, blogs, articles, movies and food...yup! You have to know your food if you want to speak Italian so you'll walk away with some great recipes as well ;)


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