• New York City, USA
  • Italian Hip Hop, Any
  • Kickboxing, Listening to Music, Seeing Friends
  • Jealousy, Any Drain System (sinks, showers, toilets), Crowds

About Teacher

Merry W. is a native New Yorker who has taught Italian for over ten years in the public school system. She travels to Italy frequently and stays up-to-date with all aspects of contemporary Italian culture. She has her BA in Italian Studies from SUNY Stony Brook and her MA in Administration and Supervision from St. John's University. Merry was named Italian Educator of the Year by the AIAE in 2011 and has served as Secretary of the AATI-LI, as well. In addition to teaching Italian, Merry also teaches ESL, works as an Emcee for a variety of Italian cultural events, and belongs to a very rich, international community here in New York.


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