• New York, PRI
  • read; watch television programs such as: news, series, sometimes novels; to crochet (beginner). Als
  • go to the beach
  • not having enough time during the day. sometimes, i have wish to have control of the clock and mana

About Teacher

Hello!! I'm Rosa Haydee Leduc I possess a master degree in Education with a major in Curriculum and Teaching from Universidad Metropolitana (Cupey Campus, Puerto Rico). As detailed in my curriculum vitae, the only experience as a Spanish Teacher Assistant was during a few months because government approved a federal proposal to the school. A few years later, I decided to establish my residence here in New York City. At this moment, I'm looking for a job and I may guess this chance could be an excellent opportunity for me. If I could get hire by your Company, I would be able to still practicing what I'd learned during my master and at the school also because there are two different scenarios. It could bring me the necessary educational experience through a classroom, with students. To have the capability to teach my native language makes me feel proud of myself, of who I am and also proud about my culture.


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